It’s been almost a year – no excuses….

27 Aug

Dear readers, I received a notice from WordPress that my domain was about to expire and I was about to lose all my posts from our trip to France almost a year ago.  I actually had intended to ‘let it go’ and savor the memories and the photos on FaceBook and my computer.  But, recently, I had dinner with one of my favorite friends to dine with, Franco – we ate ate the Purple Pig on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.  Franco is heading to France soon with his family as he’s spending a couple of years relocated in Europe (I’m so jealous!).  Anyway, Franco wanted to try to head down to some of the same spots that Donna and I ate ate, minus the famous Duck Restaurant, due to the fact that he’ll have his kids on this wonderful adventure.

So, I’ve decided that I need to finish blogging about the rest of the places that Donna and I ate ate in France, as well, as to take this blog in a slightly different direction.  I am lucky enough to eat at great places and enjoy some incredible wine, that I’m going to repurpose this blog to initially finish the France posts, but also to begin to document the other great places I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy.

Look for some posts in the near future – I’ll have to find the photos which luckily, are in chronological order on my Mac and then begin to post in earnest.

A big shout out to Franco for prompting me to really finish what I intended to do a year ago.  Wow – time really flies….   Stay tuned.


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