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2005 Ferrari-Carano Merlot Sonoma County

11 Oct

Wine Report Card Grade: B+

When to drink this wine:  Almost anytime.  Great with a meal, great with great company, great alone

This winery has been one of my favorite wineries for many years.  Not only do they continue to produce very drinkable wines, but the winery is beautiful.  We visit it almost every year.  We’re about 3 weeks from out next visit.  When I see Ferrari-Carano on a wine list, I almost always get it.  The price is affordable and the value is great.  You rarely have to worry whether or not it’s ‘ready’.


2005 Elu Napa Valley Red Wine – St. Supery

11 Oct

Wine Report Card Grade: A-

When to drink this wine:  At a meal involving rich, slow roasted meat such as short ribs.

Drink it alone? (IOW, without food): Yes.  It’s fruit-forward enough & slightly jammy which would make it a fine wine to drink while not eating alongside a meal.

Would I buy this wine again? – Yes