About me

I’ve been to Paris several times and have traveled extensively.  My love for food has been as long as I can remember, and my love for wine began in 1986 when I attended flight school with the US Air Force to train as a Navigator near Sacramento, CA.  I began to travel frequently to Napa Valley, California where back then, tasting was all free.  Since then, I have traveled with the Air Force and with my jobs to lots of wine regions around the world.

This year, I turned 50 along with my wife Donna – who turns 50 next week.  So, to celebrate, we chose to travel to France and spend 2 glorious weeks touring the country and sampling the food & wine throughout France.  Originally, we intended to go to ‘every’ famous wine region in France.  We quickly came to the realization that we could only sample ‘the eastern regions’ and only a few at that.

So, this blog will serve to document our 14-day trip which will begin in Paris, then the Champagne region, then Burgundy, down to Lyon, then down to Aix-en-Provence and finally, taking the TGV back to Paris for a couple days before heading home.  We will be exploring the neighborhoods, restaurants, cafes and wine bars in each of these areas.  I hope you enjoy reading this and I also hope to be very specific about the places we visit so that if you too plan a trip to France, you might find the information here useful in planning your trip.

I secretly wish for a day in the future where I can do this sort of stuff ‘for a living’.  My friend Franco & I have the same idea.  Who knows, maybe one day we may come to the conclusion that it’s possible.  Until then, please enjoy.


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