Paris – Day 2…not much and then…the big Kahuna!!

3 Sep

Well, today began by us sleeping in until 9:00 AM.  Wow – had to catch up on some sleep.  So we didn’t do much for breakfast except run down and grab a croissant & pain-du-chocolate from the local bakery while running across the street to the bar to get some cafe-au-lait to go.

For lunch – we really went ‘bad tourist’ and ate some bad omelets & crepes at the restaurant in the gardens of Versailles.  While beautiful, the food really disappointed.  It was our own fault, as the timing really didn’t work out for us to get there and then leave the grounds to grab some good food (see oversleeping).

But wait folks, there is redemption here!!  For tonight is the night when Donna and I will actually celebrate her 50th birthday by going to one of the best & most legendary restaurants in the world: La Tour D’Argent, near the Notre Dame Cathedral.  The menu is ridiculous in both food & prices:

I have been wanting to go to La Tour D’Argent for years and have never been able to come up with a reason good enough to go.  Both Donna & I turning 50 this year was the appropriate reason for us to really splurge and head over there.  The reservations must be confirmed 24-hours in advance.  A coat & tie is required (something I have not done for a long time).  I’ve requested a table by the window so that maybe I can bring you some spectacular pictures from our table tomorrow.

I will also ask for a tour of the wine cellar – we’ll see how charming my lame French can be.  So – please check out the menu and make your fantasy-feastball bets.  Tomorrow I’ll let you know what we decided on for our food as well as what wonderful, one-of-a-kind wine selection we choose to celebrate Donna’s 50th birthday.  Wish us well!


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